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Leader in the agro-ecological transition

Creation of the world's leading maltster, pioneering and committed

Malteries Soufflet and United Malt Group Limited (United Malt) are positioning themselves as the world's leading maltster, meeting the most demanding specifications of our customers in each of the countries in which we operate. Through our 41 sites across 5 continents, we have an annual production capacity of 3,700,000 tonnes of malt to meet the demands of our customers, whether they are major brewers, craft brewers, distillers or other industrial players around the world. Thanks to our mastery of agronomy combined with our industrial excellence, we are able to offer a wide range of excellent malts, whether standard or special, kilned or roasted, as part of our ongoing drive to improve the sustainability of our products.

The customer remains at the heart of our concerns, and his satisfaction is our top priority. In order to meet specific needs, our ability to innovate and work closely with our customers enables us to co-construct the specifications of the malts that will meet their challenges.

Our vision

To develop sustainable and local barley-malt sectors that have a positive impact and are increasingly innovative, in order to offer quality products and personalised services throughout the world and create shared value for all the players in the chain.

"At Malteries Soufflet, we want to work as closely as possible with our farming partners to develop sustainable supply chains that create value right through to the consumer. Committed to accelerating the agro-ecological transition, we design the best malts for our brewing and distilling customers."

Guillaume Couture, Managing Director

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  • Our CSR ambitions

CSR at the heart of Malteries Soufflet's challenges

Supporting the agro-ecological transition with a positive impact

In an industry where decarbonisation, biodiversity and the preservation of water resources are having a massive impact on business, we are positioning ourselves as a partner committed to the agro-ecological transition, providing solutions to transform the barley-malt sector. In order to supply excellent malts with a view to continuously improving their sustainability, we are relying on our 3 positive impact pillars.

"Thanks to the expertise of our teams, we can develop sustainable, local and innovative malts around the world, and meet our customers' most demanding specifications." 

Sophie Godier, CSR Director

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  • Our CSR ambitions: Pillar 1

The positive impact of our operations

Reducing our footprint and making the most of resources

To confirm our commitment to a sustainable and responsible approach on an international scale, Malteries Soufflet has signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative. An ambitious approach has been devised to meet the most challenging objective of the Paris Agreement, limiting global warming to 1.5°C compared with pre-industrial temperatures. So our action plan is based on two main stages. The first is to halve our carbon emissions by 2030, and then move towards Net Zero Emissions across the entire value chain.

Ambitions for 2030
-50% reduction in carbon emissions on scope 1 and 2 compared to 2020
-30% reduction in water consumption compared to 2020

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The positive-impact offering

Innovating and developing responsible products and services

Malteries Soufflet is constantly innovating to offer quality products and personalised services throughout the world. This commitment takes the form of supplying our production sites with barley that is sustainable, local and has a positive impact, adding value to the farmer's work. With high-performance industrial sites and ever more frugal processes, we offer our customers a range of sustainable malts. We are now in a position to work with them to develop specifications for malts that meet their specific needs.

Ambition 2030
80% sustainable barley in our supplies

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Responsible stakeholders

Mobilising our ecosystem to stimulate the creation of multiple sustainable values

Malteries Soufflet mobilises its entire ecosystem to stimulate the creation of multiple sustainable values. As part of a dynamic approach to continuous improvement, we rely on all our employees to encourage the emergence of innovative ideas. Quality of life at work is at the heart of our challenges, through the implementation of an ambitious safety policy to guarantee the health and safety of our employees, and also to ensure the development of our teams' skills. To create shared sustainable values, we involve all our stakeholders in these initiatives.

Ambition 2030
-60% reduction in the frequency of work-related accident compared to 2020.

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Our challenges

  • Structuring and developing sustainable malting barley supply chains, from variety selection to malting delivery, in France and abroad.
  • Serving brewers all over the world, from our exported European production or our local production.
  • Strengthening innovation in support of the energy transition and more energy-efficient processes.
  • Becoming the benchmark partner in the Craft beer segment.
  • To be the maltster of choice for our customers, thanks to the quality of our service and our ability to collaborate and co-construct customised solutions.
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