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Reveal your potential and enjoy a unique experience on an internship or work-study placement with InVivo

  • Your internship at InVivo

Enrich your career

Our internships are open to all levels of education and cover all 4 of our major business verticals: agriculture, international trade, agri-food and retail. 

We post internship opportunities online throughout the year to meet the specific needs of each student, taking into account their academic background.

During your internship, you will be supervised by an InVivo employee (your tutor or internship supervisor) who will welcome you, train you, guide you and monitor your progress to help you develop your skills.

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  • Your work-study placement at InVivo

Take part in a meaningful work-study programme

Our work-study contracts are open to all levels of study and cover a variety of professional fields within our company.

Throughout your work-study period, you will receive personalised supervision from an InVivo employee, acting as your tutor or apprenticeship master. He or she will welcome you, train you, guide your progress and ensure that you develop your skills. He or she will also be the main point of contact with your training organisation and will take part in your assessment at the end of your work-study period.

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Reveal your potential

InVivo already has more than 14,500 committed and passionate employees. So why not join us? 

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