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The human being at the heart

It is the men and women of InVivo, through their commitment and hard work, who guarantee the success of the strategic projects implemented by the group.

The policy implemented by the HR Department enables employees to become involved in the development of these strategic projects and to take ownership of them. The aim is to create a knock-on effect: each employee is involved in the strategic project and the ambition pursued becomes a common ambition, understood and shared by all.
With four major business lines, the InVivo group is a multi-sector, global organization.

While the group's strength lies in its diversity, mobilizing employees is all the more complex - all the more so since the acquisition of the Soufflet group in December 2021. By doubling in size, the group's strategy is even more ambitious, driven by the pooling of the financial, technical and human resources of the two entities; this new edition of the 2030 by InVivo plan is the result of these recent developments.

Our Human Resources Policy

InVivo's Human Resources policy is aimed at all InVivo group employees worldwide.

Its aim is to support the group's strategy, to accompany changes and to encourage the development of its employees in new ways, new tools, new practices, etc.

To this end, the group respects a policy of equal treatment, promotes diversity of profiles and talents and encourages innovation and cooperation.

This strategy is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Supporting managers on a daily basis,
  • The development of skills for the professional and personal progress of each individual,
  • The creation of bridges between businesses to encourage internal mobility, a factor in growth and development.

In a context of profound technological change, the Human Resources policy supports the evolution of the business lines and the modernization of the organization by promoting the spirit of innovation that characterizes its corporate culture.

With the acquisition of the Soufflet group in 2021 the group's strategy will be even more ambitious

Your safety: our priority

Safety and well-being in the workplace are key priorities for us and are enshrined in our charter.

InVivo considers the health and safety of its employees to be an absolute priority.

Training, behavioural visits, safety days and awareness campaigns have been deployed for several years and have helped to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. The involvement of managers, the evaluation of risk control and the performance of audits are also part of the actions that improve safety at work.

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Intrapreneurial initiatives

InVivo supports employees who wish to develop an idea or project by encouraging intrapreneurship. This allows project leaders to play a concrete role in the group's project while creating their own company. The companies Cultiv Cosmétique and Atekka are the result of this intrapreneurial approach.

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