Women/Men Equality Index

Gender equality has been placed at the heart of government priorities.

In the framework of the law of 5 September 2018, a new mechanism has been put in place allowing French companies with more than fifty employees to evaluate themselves each year in the field of professional equality: the Gender Equality Index.

Five indicators, calculated on a total of 100 points, make it possible to measure:

  • Pay gaps,
  • Gaps in the proportion of women and men who have been promoted,
  • Gaps in the proportion of women and men promoted,
  • Systematic increases for women returning from maternity leave,
  • The number of women in the ten highest paid positions in the company or the SEU.
  • Below a threshold of 75 points out of 100, the company or ESCU is obliged to define and implement the necessary measures within three years.

At InVivo, gender equality is at the heart of the Human Resources policy, and you will find below the indexes for each entity within the InVivo group's scope.