Our innovation laboratories

Innovation: a collective mindset at InVivo

  • Our mission

Innovation at the core of our DNA

The agricultural and agri-food sectors are more than ever on the move and the digital revolution is at work. Traceability, sustainability and digitalisation are preparing our future.

These measures enrich the group's own approaches to experimenting and deploying the solutions and technologies of tomorrow. In this way, we remain faithful to "the ability to anticipate and to innovate", which are values and principles of action inscribed in our DNA.

  • The innovation accelerator


To evaluate the functional and economic interest of digital solutions for agriculture, InVivo relies on the expertise of the Fermes LEADER living-lab.
Created three years ago, Fermes LEADER's mission is to accelerate innovation by directly involving farmers and cooperatives.

The network, now organised around 29 cooperatives and nearly 400 farms, offers educational information, distance learning, demonstrations and field tests, and specific support to facilitate the deployment of digital solutions to farmers.

  • Our transverse R&D laboratory

The CRIS: Internal transverse and external research centre

With 30 researchers working on 4 technology platforms covering 1,400 m² of laboratory space, and more than 20 patents and scientific publications, CRIS is helping to add value to agricultural products through its expertise in enzymes and fermentation and extraction bioprocesses.

Over the past 15 years, CRIS has developed unique know-how and tools for high-throughput screening of micro-organisms, scaling up fermentation processes on solid substrates and adding value to agro-industrial by-products. CRIS serves all the Group's business units, from agriculture (including biosolutions) to the barley-malt-beer sector (new ingredients, new beverages), as well as applications such as wine, animal feed and cosmetics.

We are particularly proud that CRIS has been awarded ISO 9001 certification for all its laboratories. A mark of quality par excellence, 9001 certification rewards the quality of our organisation in meeting our customers' needs as effectively as possible!

Our agricultural innovation platform

  • Our agricultural innovation platform

Openfield, the 1st in-field exhibition on the 3rd way of farming

Openfield is a unique 13-hectare experimental platform where 56 cropping practices are put into practice on 15 crops and 5 rotations, covering livestock farming, methanisation, industrial crops, cereals, protein crops and oilseeds.

Our vision: results-based agriculture: Openfield is committed to building a measured, proven and innovative form of agriculture, without pitting one production method against another. 4 key themes are being explored:

  • Low-carbon agriculture: to reduce the carbon footprint of French agriculture by 20% and promote low-carbon practices,
  • IFT Reduction / CEPP Gain: to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce pesticide use by 50% while preserving farmers' incomes,
  • Soil Conservation Agriculture (SCA): to improve soil fertility and enhance biodiversity,
  • Conventional Reasoned Farming: to produce quantity and quality while limiting environmental impact and ensuring economic performance.

Our aim is to provide practical solutions to support the strategies (supply chain, CSR, regulatory, etc.) of distributors, agri-food manufacturers, technical institutes and all our partners.

To discover, learn and follow this platform from the 2023 harvest to that of 2027, visit our website.

  • Our agricultural innovation platform

Agronomy, Advice and Innovation Department

Soufflet Agriculture's Agronomy, Advice and Innovation Department (A.A.I.) was created to accelerate innovation for its farmer customers: the A.A.I. team proposes, after tests and experiments, the latest technologies and decision-making tools (OAD) for farmers.

In line with the new regulations in the agricultural sector and consumer expectations, A.A.I.'s action is in line with Soufflet Agriculture's historical vocation: to accompany the changes and transformations in agriculture by developing its technical expertise and service offers.

  • #Agtech innovator

Global Climate Quest

InVivo Quest is the InVivo group's open innovation and intrapreneurship program.

Initiated in 2017, InVivo Quest connects the group's businesses to the innovation ecosystem by organizing sessions bringing together startups and an ecosystem of partners.

This new campaign named "Global Climate Quest" will focus on 5 agricultural, industrial and retail themes with the main topics being carbon reduction issues, adaptation of agriculture to new issues (effects of climate change, new pressures...), water & energy management, optimization of logistics and storage or the impact of new technologies in distribution networks.

At the same time, InVivo Quest supports intrapreneurship projects, at the ideation stage, led by group employees.