Our history

The unique story of a major cooperative player in French agriculture

Photo de 1945 de L'UNCAC

1945 • Strenght in unity

Two national unions on the "Boulevard Saint Germain" are created, the UNCAC (Union nationale des coopératives agricoles de céréales) and the UNCAA for supplies (Union Nationale des Coopératives Agricoles d'Approvisionnement). These were the first two cooperative unions to be created.


1947 • Two new unions

Two other unions were created in 1947 and 1948 respectively, the Union générale des coopératives agricoles d'approvisionnement (UGCAA) and the Union générale des coopératives agricoles de céréales (UGCAC). They are more commonly known as the "La Fayette Group" (because their headquarters are on rue La Fayette in Paris).


1951 • Setting up of UCAAB

Creation of UCAAB: UCAAB (union of cattle feed agricultural cooperatives) is founded in Champagne.
UNCAA joined immediatly.



1962 • Formation of a mixed union

The UGCAA and the UGCAC, or "Groupe La Fayette", form a new mixed union: the Union Générale des Coopératives Agricoles Françaises (UGCAF), which is intended to enable the transition from a branch-based structure to a multi-purpose structure.


1975 • InVivo's head office is built up 

In 1975; UNCAC and UNCAA set up their head office at Avenue de la Grande Armée in Paris.



1977 • Launch of Gamme Vert

Creation of the Gamm vert brand. Today this InVivo subsidiary has become the number-one French outdoor leisure retailer with 1.050 stores.



1990 • Brith of Sigma

UNCAC and UGCAF merge to form SIGMA. UGCAF’s agricultural supply business is taken over by UNCAA.




1992 • Merger of UCAAB and UNCAA

UCAAB integrates the animal production division of UNCAA, national union of agricultural supply cooperatives.



2001 • Invivo's advent

The creation of InVivo is the culmination of the merger of two national collection and supply cooperatives: SIGMA and UNCAA.




2007 • A new dimension

In October 2007, became the majority shareholder of Evialis, manufacturer of feed for farmed animals, premix supplier and services, but also health and hygiene products. With this acquisition, InVivo is an unprecedented gamble acquisition in its history.



2014 • Communication from the french agricultural cooperation

The French agricultural cooperation covers all French agricultural cooperatives : 3000 companies and 600 000 men and women who have decided to join forces to make their voices heard in the current public debate. It launched its first media campaign (TV and radio) in 2014.



2014 •  InVivo sets sights on 2025

The group has launched the “2025 by InVivo” ten-year strategic project and initial achievements have been made by the three fields of expertise: Agriculture, Animal Nutrition and Health, and General Public and Agri-food Distribution. The new concept in local food retail, Frais d’ici, severals acquisitions as PANCOSMA, TOTAL ALIMENTOS, NALODS... are the first steps of this strategic plan.



2015 • InVivo make a substantial entrance into the wine production sector

With the creation of InVivo Wine in July 2015, the InVivo group is determined to become a major and unifying player in the French wine industry, its ambition being to structure a powerful and value-creating French cooperative sector.



2015 • InVivo rolls out a new brand policy

InVivo has rolled out a strong and structured brand policy consistent with the dynamic of the «2025 by InVivo» strategic plan. A new brand policy... embodied by a prestigious ambassador : Dan Carter.



2018 • Acquisition of Jardiland

With the integration of Jardiland, along with Gamm vert and Delbard, InVivo Retail takes on a new dimension to become a European leader in gardening, art of living in the garden and pet shop



2020 • InVivo becomes a "société à mission"

By adopting the status of a "Société à Mission" for its group and soon for all its subsidiaries, InVivo affirms its desire to put its economic model at the service of the agricultural and food transition.



2021 • Acquisition of a majoritary stake in Vinadeis

With a view to creating a cooperative leader in exports, Cordier by InVivo is acquiring a majority stake in Vinadeis. By joining the leading French wine cooperative group, Cordier by InVivo joins the top 3 French wine operators.



2021 • Inauguration of the historic headquarters renovation

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie together with Philippe Mangin and Thierry Blandinières have inaugurated the renovation of our headquarters, the cradle of the agricultural cooperation.



2021 • InVivo : officiel supplier of local products for the rugby world cup 2023

By signing a partnership with the Rugby World Cup 2023, InVivo is promoting this sport whose values echo its own identity. As an official supplier of local products, InVivo will contribute to the development of the French agri-food industry.



2021 • InVivo Group completes the acquisition of Soufflet Group 

InVivo Group announces that it has completed the acquisition of 100 % of Soufflet Group, a French agri-food family group. InVivo now has the capacity to intervene and invest in order to play its role as a driving force in the third agricultural revolution.


2022 • Creation of Teract, a listed company dedicated to retail activities  


2023 • TERACT completes acquisition of Boulangerie Louise

With 129 outlets, Boulangerie Louise is the leading artisan baker in the north and north-west of France.


Photo de profil de Jérôme Calleau

2023 • Jérôme Calleau appointed Chairman of Union InVivo

As Chairman since 2011, Jérôme Calleau is keen to continue the Group's development and diversification.


2023 • Malteries Soufflet finalises the acquisition of La Malterie du Château®

The Malterie du Château® is the oldest malting plant in Belgium and one of the oldest in the world.


2023 • Launch of Episens, the InVivo group's new wheat division

This new division brings together 3 complementary activities: milling with Moulins Soufflet, ingredients with AIT Ingredients, and industrial bakery with Neuhauser. 


2023 • Soufflet Négoce by InVivo, new entity in charge of international grain trading

Implementation of a common organisation to serve a new strategic ambition under the name Soufflet Négoce by InVivo.



Logo Malteries soufflet et United Malt

2023 • Creation of the world’s largest maltster with the completion of the acquisition of United Malt Group by Malteries Soufflet

Malteries Soufflet, the second largest operator in the global malt industry and a subsidiary of leading European agricultural group InVivo Group, is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of 100 % of United Malt Group Limited (United Malt), the fourth leading global maltster, for 1.5 billion Australian dollars, following clearance from relevant regulatory authorities, and prior approval by both United Malt’s shareholders and the Federal Court of Australia. 

From the roots of InVivo

From the roots of InVivo is a testimoial book about the history of French agriculture in 1945 to the present day. As a matter of fact, the history of InVivo Union of Agricultural Cooperatives is rooted in the period immediately following the Second World War, a time when French agriculture was in dire need of reconstruction...

Couverture du livre Aux racines d'InVivo