Soufflet Négoce by InVivo

Enhancing the value of cereals on the international market

A major European player in the grain trade

Bringing together the activities of InVivo and Soufflet, Soufflet Négoce by InVivo stands as a major European player in the grain trade sector.

Soufflet Négoce by InVivo markets wheat, barley, corn and oilseeds, primarily from France, to Europe, Maghreb, Middle East and West Africa, to serve its foreign markets and strategic customers.

€3.9bn in revenue for 2022/2023
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Our objectives for 2030

  1. Maintain and expand its client portfolio in order to reach a critical size to further increase operational resilience in the long-term.
  2. Identify niche markets and diversify its product offering to meet the new expectations of its customers and suppliers.
  3. Act as a reference in the ecological transition by connecting consumers concerned about their environmental footprint to sustainable and low-carbon offers.
Photo d'un chargement d'un panamax en malt à Rouen

The strengths of Soufflet Négoce by InVivo

  • Integration of the activity within a Group that brings together technical expertise upstream and downstream of the wheat and cereals sectors.
  • Expertise, reactivity and ability to anticipate and adapt of the sales teams, to offer solutions to each need in the different regions of the world served.
  • Logistical capacities adapted to the massification of flows, to the optimization of quality and to the sustainable development of cereals.
Photo d'un silo et d'un portique de chargement d'un panamax dans la Seine à Rouen

Grafite, the team dedicated to low-carbon agricultural raw materials

Within Soufflet Négoce by InVivo, a team of experts has specialised in assisting farmers in the marketing of low-carbon raw materials. Grafite thus meets two essential needs:

  • To respond to the desire of farmers to promote their practices aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or storing carbon in the soil.
  • To meet the growing market demand for agricultural raw materials with a reduced carbon footprint.

What sets Grafite apart is its innovative and holistic approach to the low-carbon transition in the agricultural sector. The team integrates all aspects of low-carbon agriculture, providing a clear strategic view of the opportunities for its suppliers and operational solutions in terms of volumes and carbon risk management for its clients.

Grafite also supports cooperatives, from adapting to market constraints to product qualification and certification. By anticipating and identifying regulatory changes, Grafite provides expert advice and guarantees the best remuneration for the farmer.

Photo d'un champ de colza bas-carbone
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Photo d'un homme avec des équipements de sécurité dont un casque, contrôlant un tas de grain de blé devant un train

Specifications and general conditions for port silos for the Socomac La Pallice and Socomac of Rouen.

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