Invivo, a Purpose driven company

A response to increasingly strong societal expectations

InVivo, a Purpose driven company

On October 21, 2020, the Board of Directors of Union InVivo ratified the modification of InVivo Group's articles of association, including its purpose and mission, making the pivotal holding company of the French Union of agricultural cooperatives a Purpose driven company.

Through its origins and cooperative history, the InVivo Group already carried the DNA of the collective interest that is at the heart of the mission-driven company.

By adopting this status, InVivo has publicly committed itself to putting its business model at the service of the agricultural and food transition.

Being a purpose driven company is an opportunity.

Given the demographic, environmental and food issues of tomorrow, we are truly aware of our mission: to take up the challenge of transforming the agricultural world through innovative, responsible and sustainable solutions, for the benefit of cooperatives, farmers and consumers worldwide.

Thierry Blandinières, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The cooperative model, a precursor of the company with a mission

Cooperatives are based on the values of mutual aid, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Where the purpose of a company is usually to make a profit in order to remunerate the shareholders through dividends, the purpose of a cooperative is to provide a service at the best possible cost to its members, with capital being only a means of financing.

Through its origins and history, the InVivo group is the bearer of this cooperative identity, of this "collective interest" DNA that founded, inspires and characterizes it.

"Raison d'être" & mission

InVivo's raison d'être, conceived and co-constructed with all its stakeholders, is to foster the transition of agriculture and food towards a resilient agrosystem, by deploying innovative and responsible solutions and products, in line with the principles of regenerative agriculture, for the benefit of farmers and consumers.

InVivo is committed to creating, structuring and promoting "intelligent agriculture and food" in its various businesses and throughout the value chain, by linking respect for life and the earth to the needs of those who grow it and those who eat from it.

InVivo is working towards greater resilience in the face of climate change, to make agriculture, viticulture and gardening assets for the environment, biodiversity and soil quality, by promoting regenerative agriculture that combines quantity, quality and sobriety of resources.

By becoming a company with a mission, the group is inaugurating a new stage of collective reflection and consolidating its development dynamics through impactful social and environmental commitments, which will guide its actions and its capacity for innovation in the long term.

Enlightened by its raison d'être, InVivo's mission is to : 

  1. To strengthen the commitment of its members and their ability to sustainably transform agriculture and ensure food quality and safety in France and around the world.

  2. To integrate its raison d'être with its global strategy and that of its brands, while adapting it to the entities that make up its group..

  3. To continuously develop, through and with research and digital technology, its knowledge and innovation capacities in order to prepare solutions for the future, with a positive impact, and to contribute to meeting the major environmental challenges.

  4. To co-construct, with its partners, eco-designed and/or responsibly sourced products and services and responsible distribution channels that create economic, environmental and societal value.

  5. To explore and structure innovative and responsible projects with the players in the agricultural sector, which are conducive to sustainable growth, in line with the principles of regenerative agriculture.

  6. To continuously develop the skills of its employees, their capacity to take initiative and the level of social dialogue, in line with its cooperative values.

  7. To apply InVivo's code of conduct with regard to its strategic stakeholders, respecting human rights and the OECD guidelines, including with regard to its suppliers and customers, and to protect personal data.

The Mission Committee

Under the guidance of its Mission Committee, which is made up of deux qualified individuals and five employees representing the group's various business lines, InVivo invests financial and human resources in translating and achieving its raison d'être in its activities.

The Mission Committee operates within the framework of the law: it is exclusively responsible for monitoring the execution of the mission that the company has set itself. As such, it examines the roadmap and the progress made. It presents an annual report to the meeting responsible for approving the company's accounts.

Brochure du comité de mission InVivo de 2022-2023