InVivo Retail is committed to supporting the French plant sector

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InVivo Retail is committed to supporting the French plant sector

From 19 to 23 October, InVivo Retail brought together for the first time all the stakeholders in its networks at a dedicated digital event: its employees in the head offices, platforms and branch sales outlets, its cooperative partners and the franchised entrepreneurs who all develop the Gamm vert, Jardiland and Delbard brands with passion. 
Nearly 1,800 people discussed the path of InVivo Retail, a leader whose raison d'être is "to act so that everyone has access to the benefits of nature".
At the heart of this trajectory is a structured, ambitious and engaging CSR policy that drives InVivo Retail's action. 

At a time when our country is focused on the fight against covid, when there are many uncertainties, InVivo Retail presents the first part of this CSR policy. 

Dedicated to French plant producers, this first part aims to support a sector that is essential for the French economy and the well-being of the French people:

  • ambition to have a plant supply that is 90% French and 50% from contractual commitments by 2025, 
  • appointment of a mediator for this sector,
  • launch of an initiative with the participatory financing platform MiiMOSA to support the installation of young horticulturists.


These positions and initiatives illustrate InVivo Retail's determination to make a responsible contribution to the creation of economic, social and environmental value in its ecosystem.

To support and promote French plant producers, by 2025, 90% of plant production in InVivo Retail's banners will be French.

InVivo Retail is in constant contact with French plant producers through its Jardiland, Gamm Vert and Delbard banners and intends to support and stimulate this sector, which is essential to the French economy. While 66% of the plant supplies in its networks are currently of French origin, InVivo Retail's ambition is to offer 90% of its plant products from French production by 2025.
This important and structuring movement could result in support for the relocation of certain sectors, particularly in the greenhouse sector. 
It will also be accompanied by the strategic development of self-production in InVivo Retail's banners.

For sustainable commercial relations with French plant producers, the appointment of a mediator and 50% of French plant purchases from contractual commitments have been agreed. 

The increase in the use of French origin in InVivo Retail's plant supplies requires the strengthening of excellent relations with producers. 
To this end, InVivo Retail appointed Guy Boulnois as Mediator for the French plant producer sector on 1 October. 
This appointment is the culmination of a project that began more than a year ago, the aim of which is to develop exchanges within the framework of commercial relations and to promote dialogue in the event of any difficulties. 
This system allows French plant producers listed with InVivo Retail to have an independent and autonomous contact person who can mediate if necessary.
The Mediator can be contacted by InVivo Retail or by one of the French plant producers listed by the latter at any time. 
As part of this drive to increase the importance of the sector, by 2025, 50% of InVivo Retail's purchases of French plants will be based on contractual commitments with the sector and its producers.

In order to perpetuate and boost French horticultural know-how, InVivo Retail & MiiMOSA support the installation of young horticulturists.

Concerned about preserving and boosting the French horticultural know-how, InVivo Retail and its brands Gamm vert, Jardiland and Delbard have joined forces with the MiiMOSA platform to support the installation of 5 young horticulturists. 
In concrete terms, MiiMOSA, which is committed to accelerating the agricultural, food and energy transition, will orchestrate a participatory financing campaign on its platform.
InVivo Retail will support this campaign and will commit to commercial outlets for these start-up or takeover projects insofar as they are part of an eco-responsible approach. 
Launched in December 2020, this initiative aims to have new horticulturists in place by the end of 2021.

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