Trade unions and InVivo group management sign an incentive agreement for 2023–24

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After a year without incentives and following several months of negotiation, 2023 is ending on a positive note for labour relations with the signing of an incentive agreement with the CFDT, CFE-CGC Agro, CFTC, FGTA-FO, SDACOOPA-SOLIDAIRES and SUD Commerce et Services unions. The purpose of this agreement is to award InVivo group employees an incentive bonus based on collective performance, with a view to strengthening employees' contributions to the achievement of good results by the group as a whole.


Key aspects of the new incentive

The 2023–24 incentive agreement now uses a simplified formula, which can be understood by all and creates a direct link between employee remuneration and the group's performance, to achieve the goals of the "Grandir Ensemble 2024–27" (Growing Together 2024–27) strategic project.

It contains a solidarity measure for all employees in the event that group targets are met, with one third of the award amount not being capped based on employee roles. It also now covers the entire group perimeter, and over 90% of French employees.

Additionally, a bonus not based on financial matters has been defined based on the following group CSR indicators and objectives:

  • Frequency rate of work-related accidents;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Positive-impact offerings;

The incentive bonus will increase if these fixed CSR targets are met or exceeded. Otherwise, it will remain unchanged.


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